Protecting People and Property

Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection Limited are certified installers of passive fire protection systems designed to protect human life and limit the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents in the event of a fire.

Passive measures provide protection by their very existence and are largely unseen. However, they are vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure when attacked by fire. They serve the purpose to separate the building into areas of manageable risk, to restrict the growth and spread of fire and protect structural elements from fire to prevent their early collapse. This allows time for the occupants to escape and provides a degree of protection for firefighters.

Working closely with our clients in the Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Public sector we ensure that your property is fully fire compliant with building and fire services regulations.

Certified systems and products installed by Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection will:

• Limit the spread of fire, heat, and smoke by containing it in a single compartment in its area of origin
• Protect escape routes and provide vital escape time for occupants
• Protect the building’s critical structural members
• Protect your building’s assets and business continuity

Passive Fire Protection

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