Passive Fire Protection

Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection are an established company specializing in the installation of passive fire protection systems for Commercial, Industrial and Public Buildings.

Passive measures provide protection by their very existence and are largely unseen. However, they are vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure when attacked by fire. They serve the purpose to separate the building into areas of manageable risk, to restrict the growth and spread of fire and protect structural elements from fire to prevent their early collapse. This allows time for the occupants to escape and provides a degree of protection for firefighters.

Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection are ASFP accredited installers of Fire Stopping Systems used in fire rated walls and floors with integrity and insulation of up to 4 hours.

We are also experienced in Fire Protection within heritage and conservation buildings offering fire protection to wooden doors, floors, balustrades, ceilings cornices and architectural plaster.

Passive Fire Protection

Fire Protection services offered by Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection include…

  • Firestopping
  • Fire Cavity Barriers & Curtains
  • Fire Protection for Concrete Soffit
  • Fire Protection for Doors, Panels, Floors, Lath, Plasterboard Ceilings, and Cornices

We only use recognised quality suppliers and products renowned within the fire protection industry

Passive Fire Protection Brochure

Passive Fire Protection Brochure



Our Data Management System is designed to manage the process of documenting all fire barrier penetrations and passive fire protection within a building.

This provides our clients with the confidence of a fully transparent system, knowing that the work has been carried out in accordance with all current regulations, and is fully traceable.

Our system maps the location of all walls and floors, schedules each fire-stopped area (along with a picture of the installation), records when it was installed, what materials were used and its reference number and printed label provide a permanent record of fire-stopped locations for contractors carrying out renovation work.

The system not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain and manage an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

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