Fire Stopping is a passive fire-protection method designed to diminish the opportunity for fire to spread through unprotected openings in rated walls and floors. Passive Fire Protection systems are designed and applied by Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection to restore the continuous fire-resistance of wall or floor assemblies, impeding the spread of fire by filling the openings in them with fire-resistant materials.

Fire stopping materials are sealing products that take up imperfections of fit or design tolerance between the fire-resisting fixed elements of a building to restrict the passage of fire and smoke. They continue to take up the imperfections of fit at all times and have the same fire rating as the fixed elements of which they form a part. In reaction to a fire condition they swell, spread or deform to achieve their performance.

Mechanical and electrical services by their very nature breach compartment walls and floors causing failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around services have not been adequately firestopped in areas such as:

Fire Stopping
  • Multi-service openings through walls and floors
  • Blank service openings through walls and floors
  • Combustible pipes (plastics)
  • Cavity barriers
  • Construction joints
  • Any imperfection of fit to a fire-rated building element

The use of correctly installed proprietary certified Penetration Sealing systems, will contain a fire at its source and limit the risk of the destruction caused by the spread of fire and the release of toxic gasses.

Many firestopping systems are tested up to 4 hours integrity, and load bearing products are available.


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