Fitzpatrick Insulation & Passive Fire Protection provide solutions to meet the increasing requirements for upgrading the fire resistance performance of concrete floors and decks for both existing buildings and new projects. The boarded soffit insulation is commonly used in undercover car parks, to provide fire treatments to underside of slab.

The systems utilize a non-combustible rigid ROCKWOOL® board with a variety of facings board, and are designed to be fixed directly to the underside of concrete floors or decks for providing fire protection and integrity of up to 4 hours. These systems offer enhanced thermal performance and U – value rating as low as 0.20W/m2 when fitted to a 150mm concrete soffit and deliver greater impact resistance compared to exposed insulation systems. The insulation component on some boards achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008 and provide long term energy savings for building.

Fire Protection for Concrete Soffit


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